Edmil Fuels - Since 1983

Heating Oil, Diesel Fuel, Gas Product Information

Heating Oil


Often called #2 fuel oil and used to heat residential homes and businesses.  We schedule deliveries Monday through Friday.

During winter months we can provide a treatment to our #2 fuel oil to prevent gelling in outside tanks.

Off Road Diesel Fuel


 Sometimes called farm fuel, Off-Road DF is often used for machinery and off-road vehicles across a wide variety of industries including farming and construction.   While similar to #2 fuel oil, off-road diesel fuel has less sulfur than #2 fuel oil.

We have been providing off road diesel fuel (farm fuel) to local farmers for 10 years.   We treat our diesel fuel during both summer and winter months to prevent build up and optimize performance.

B-2 On-Road Diesel


B-2, or on-road diesel fuel, is a typical blend of bio-diesel and is highly effective at enhancing the lubricity of diesel fuel. 

We deliver B-2 On-Road Diesel to many local businesses and offer the same top quality services as our other products.



We offer a variety of gasoline products for delivery to your location.  Please call our office for more information.  

Ethanol Free Gas


 Ethanol Free gas is best used in small equipment, but can be used for a variety of vehicles.  We strive to meet all our customer's needs by delivering both regular gas as well as ethanol free gas.