Edmil Fuels - Since 1983

Heating Oil and Gasoline Delivery to Carlisle and Mechanicsburg, PA


Do you rely on heating oil to heat your home in Carlisle and Mechanicsburg, PA? Do you require fuel or gas for your farm or property? Don’t worry about using valuable time running into town to get some. Instead, turn to Edmil Fuels, Inc., for reliable, regular, and customizable diesel fuel, gasoline, and heating oil delivery straight to your door! 

Why Choose Edmil Fuels, Inc.?

Edmil Fuels, Inc., is dedicated to providing you with quality service for all your fuel, gas, and oil delivery needs. Here are a few reasons why you can rely on us:

  • Regular delivery: While we can do one-time service, we also offer regular delivery that can offer you peace of mind.
  • Customizable services: We know that every property has different needs. That’s why we consult with you about your fueling needs, based on your budget and seasonal changes.
  • Cost-effective solutions: We know that budget is a major factor in your life. That’s why we offer budget plans and affordable prices for our services.
  • Timely efficiency: We know that you rely on your gas, fuel, or oil for everything from everyday operations to needed heating. That’s why we deliver to you quickly without delay.
  • Exceptional customer service: Since we are only a small business of three employees, we can offer you quality attention and customer service.

Call us today at 717-249-4901 to learn more about our delivery services to Carlisle and Mechanicsburg, PA. We also offer a members-only 24/7 gas station, so fill out an application today.