Edmil Fuels - Since 1983

Newville Gas Station

Located at 2 Rich St. in Newville, PA, Edmil Fuels is a private cardtrol station that offers 24 hour fuel, including Premium Ethanol Free Gas and Diesel Fuel, at competitive prices.  


To obtain your own Edmil Fuels Gas Card, simply download and complete the application below.  You can either scan and email the application or send it by mail to our office.  We will review the information and mail you a gas card.  You will then be invoiced twice a month with a list of your transactions and the amount due.  For payment information, please refer to the section about payment.


Products Available

Private Gas Station supplying members in Newville, Carlisle and surrounding areas with 87 Regular Gasoline, 90 Ethanol Free Gas, and On-Road Diesel Fuel.